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Eco Friendly

We do our best to off set our carbon footprint at Roam Overland. From planting trees for every project we do, keeping our shop on our personal property to reduce daily commuting, we are conscious of our waste, our trash fits in a household trashcan container, we use the scrap wood down to the smallest peices, we compost the wood, sawdust, and cardboard, we use ethically sourced lumber that has no added formaldehyde, and adhesives and paints that produce low to no odor (VOC's) once cured. 

How We Weave This into Our Company's DNA

Plant 100 Trees for Each Project

For every project we do, we plant 100 trees to help offset our carbon footprint, and help to regrow forests in critical areas.

Only Use Ethically Sourced Wood

Every timber we touch has a clean conscience, sourced only from the most virtuous (ethically sourced) of forests.


We're firm believers in using scraps until it's too small to serve a purpose. Our trash fits in standard residential trash bins meant for a small family.


We are constantly checking our PPM of air quality in the shop, making upgrades to make things better, and making sure we are choosing the best options to install in your van your health. We choose products that as little to no VOC's as possible.

Wildflowers & Pollinators

Our grounds around the property are made up of  pollinators and native wildflowers. We recycle our single use water to spray the meadow, and are currently working toward all native grasses that will help improve air quality and decrease pollution and water usage.


Cardboard and sawdust become our future compost!

And once they're done morphing into nutrient-rich compost, it's back to Mother Nature they go. Destination? Our thriving wildflower pasture, buzzing with native pollinators.

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